125 -150cc  Levriere/Greyhound


Parilla's "Levriere" was introduced in 1952. It was built with a two-stroke 125cc and later upgraded to 150cc, 4 speed in 1953. Cosmo sold the scooter in the USA under the name of "Greyhound" in late 1957. The Greyhound sported Borrani rims and telescopic forks. It was produced in large numbers and sold around the world before being replaced by the Slughi in 1958. Cosmo was still selling leftover Greyhounds for another two years. 



Stats:   CC: 150  /  Transmission: 4 speed  / Output: 8 HP @ 5700 RPM  Carburetion: Dell'Orto MB 22A  Gas Mileage: 110 MPG  Weight: 208 lbs.  Max Speed: 67 MPH

OSCAR (1960) :  Parilla built this two-stroke 160cc twin scooter with a four speed transmission. The Oscar was built as a prototype and was never put into production.

 Greyhound manuals & advertising: There is a parts book and an owner manual for this model, but no shop manual. The factory put out several one page color brochures of the Sprint, but Cosmo advertised the scrambler version much more than the Sprint. To see more 125cc brochures and other advertisements, click onto our Greyhound paperwork page.

Greyhound colors and prices: Only two colors were offered for most of the scooters. One was brick red and the other a light green. Several other variations were used, but those are rare. Prices for the Greyhound were $359 in 1958 and $407 in 1960.


Today's Greyhound outlook: Finding a Greyhound will be difficult, since most have rusted away or driven into the ground. Some nice examples have been popping up here and there, but it seems that there might be less than a dozen in the USA. There is no one place for parts for the Greyhound. One might have to look to Europe for missing parts.


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