Here are some pictures of long forgotten Parillas that need help. Collected from various sources, these photos show parillas on the decline. Any one of these bike will surely test your patience. Click the smaller picture to get the full effect of a wallet sapping restoration. Too bad many Parillas end up this way.

Project-1954italy.jpg (47472 bytes)   Project-Old WCat.jpg (58716 bytes)   Project-Argentina125.jpg (149913 bytes)  Project-125GS.jpg (63218 bytes)  project-Lusso chopper.jpg (57851 bytes) 

Projects- 50's barn bike.jpg (31700 bytes)  project-ghost bike.jpg (40772 bytes)  Projects, WT Tourist.jpg (123027 bytes)  Project- AZ bike.jpg (170204 bytes)  Project- 59 Slughi.jpg (279157 bytes)  Project- red '58.jpg (58794 bytes)

Project- blue '58.jpg (239613 bytes)   Project- 50cc.jpg (227123 bytes)  Projects, GD Wildcat.jpg (125521 bytes)   Project- 61 125cc.jpg (57577 bytes)   Project- BK250 Scrambler.jpg (53263 bytes)   Projects-250 parts.jpg (56272 bytes)

project-250basket.jpg (48893 bytes)  Projects-63 scrambler.jpg (41759 bytes)  Projects- Gold tank.jpg (96680 bytes)  Project-copper 250.jpg (74009 bytes)  Projects-Red 250cc.jpg (174735 bytes)  project-125,Scrambler.jpg (57692 bytes)

Projects, Dart 1.jpg (233858 bytes)   Projects-Twin frame.jpg (141012 bytes)   Projects, 125cc UK.jpg (149610 bytes)   projects, greyhound 1.jpg (183191 bytes)   Project, twin motor.jpg (56187 bytes)    Projects, Sprint '61.jpg (55152 bytes)

 Projects, Impala 1.jpg (58207 bytes)   Projects,59 Phantom.jpg (236187 bytes)  Projects, 175 Wildcat.jpg (33274 bytes)   Projects, Olimpia1.jpg (268445 bytes)   Projects, Fauno.jpg (31954 bytes)  Projects, 2 Greyhound.jpg (44907 bytes)

Projects, Red Greyhound.jpg (89478 bytes) Projects, 1 Green '64.jpg (97339 bytes) projects, boat anchors.jpg (114226 bytes) Projects, Red tank '61.jpg (92431 bytes) Projects, Faded red.jpg (89961 bytes) Projects, Freds bike.jpg (136191 bytes) Projects, Greyhound chopper.jpg (44014 bytes)

If these pictures don't make you look for a restored, working Parilla, then you need help. 


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