Summary of the 1999 Parilla event

By P.J.

  On September 24th, 25th and 26th of 1999, the largest gathering of Parilla motorcycles and the riders that made the marque known, assembled in the beautiful hills of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico  for three days of activities and remembrance.


 Bruno Baccari and his wife Maria, sons Cesere and Claudio came all the way from Italy. Bruno, an ex-Parilla racer, holds the largest and most complete collection of Parillas anywhere. Also from Italy came two other couples who are Italian motorcycling legends themselves. They are Sergio & Reza Cristina and Mario & Franca Carlone.

 From the U.S.A., names familiar to all who love Parilla were here. Norris Rancourt arrived in an amazing way with the "works" DOHC Parilla tucked in the back seat of his A-36 Beachcraft Bonanza! Todd Millar came with his amazing Parilla creation "Fantasia" towed in style behind a 1967 Ferrari GTB/2. Michael Dregni, author of America's Parilla History, and past writer of our most recent Parilla newsletter, came and helped with television interviews of the Parilla legend riders that attended. He is joining forces with Bruno Baccari to create the first copy of a worldwide history of Moto Parilla. The book is as yet unfinished and we hope it will be completed soon.


 Dave Chrone, our most recent National Champion had his 250cc Wildcat on display, and then gave it a good blast around the race track.

 Rodney Guy was reunited with his Gran Sport and showed most everyone a clean pair of heels both on the track and on the air strip the next day.


 George Rockett, a great name in Parilla history, arrived with Maurice Candy. They were interviewed along with Dick Gariepy, (BMW Legends Rider) and Vic Norton. Jack Creelman nearly made it, but unfortunately had an unscheduled operation and we wish him well.

 Winston Conway Link of Parilla parts fame, attended with a really gorgeous Gran Sport restoration. He also brought along what proved to be the bulk of our swap meet.

 Guy Webster brought two truly beautiful early Parilla, Fritz Durnberger brought a nicely running Gran Sport restoration and Doug Jandebur surprised everyone by bringing and riding an unrestored, 100% original, early Gran Sport. It ran well and was a sight to behold.


 Arno Flach came all the way from Switzerland and has quickly become the world's librarian for the shaft and bevel drive model engine Parillas in his country. The list of people goes on and on and after it was all said and done, it was truly an amazing event.

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