Parilla Odds & Ends

Here are a few items that do not fit the usual categories.

Cosmo dealer franchise - Cosmo authorized Mr. Lab to sell Parillas in the Canton, Ohio area in 1965. The last year Cosmo stopped selling Parillas.

1953 Christmas card - A Christmas card from Giovanni Parrilla. I believe this is his actual signature, but items directly from him are hard to come by.


Cosmo racing decal - practically unseen since the early 60's, a couple of these decals popped up on the radar not too long ago. I wanted one on my 1960 GS, but it came apart in the water. I am working on getting a vinyl copy made. 


Parilla flags - Flags from the factory that could be used at cycle show events or tied to the bikes themselves. I can't confirm the blue and white flag is a 50's original or a recent manufacture.


Factory price book - In the early years, the company had separate parts books and price lists. This one is from 1954. All models had their own color coded section.


ParillaDays awards - If you attended some of the Italian Parilla Days events over the years, you may have picked up one of these awards. These items will totally outclass the best bowling trophy anyday.


Model ID tags - Sometime in the late 50's, the company or Cosmo had some of their bikes sport an ID tag riveted onto the motor. These tags had the company name, model, and serial number stamped onto it. Only a couple of tags have been found.

Parilla clubs - Way back in 1981, there was an effort to bring together Parilla owners. Don Beatty of California produced a rather crude looking newsletter, but had lots of information. Looks like the operation faded out around 1983. Later in 1989, Micheal Dregni ran a club newsletter which had much more research and information. You can thank him for figuring out much of Parilla serial number system. This newsletter also faded out after 9 or 10 issues.

Parts tag - Here's a picture of a factory parts tag.    


Parilla factory dealer signs

Here are some dealer signs collected from various sources. One or two pop up on E-Bay every year. Not a common item.


Enamel sign, Italy

Plastic sign, Italy

Enamel sign, Italy

USA dealer's Window sign




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