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This website is all about the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Moto Parilla. Motorcycles and industrial generators were built by this company from 1946 to the mid 1960's. The United States became Parilla's biggest market and their success here is what this website will mostly focus on. Moto Parilla offered motorcycles from 49cc mopeds to 350cc Twins with the 175-250cc "high-cams" being the company's most famous model.

Parilla-NA started on the internet in 2001. I have collected much more information since then and the updated website will give people interested in Moto Parilla a better look into this motorcycle manufacturer. All this without the hassle of tracking down hard to find sources of information. I have already done it for you and with the help of Mike McGarry's Moto Parilla UK website, this will be a super sized, transatlantic double dose of Parilla knowledge. This website will let the visitor click back and forth between Parilla-NA & Moto Parilla UK to get the best overall picture of Moto Parilla.  Thanks to all who helped out from around the world with pictures and information to keep Moto Parilla motorcycles up and running. 




This site should be a good starting point for people looking for a Parilla or have found one to restore. Parillas were never as common as other companies such as Ducati or Moto Guzzi, so there is a problem in finding bikes and parts. As of 2007, the supply of old Parillas and parts have nearly dried up. Prices are starting to reflect the change in availability with certain models starting to command top dollar. There is also interest from collectors worldwide going after Parillas originally sold in the USA. Italy may be the birthplace for Moto Parilla, but even there, finding bikes and parts is difficult.

Almost every newly discovered Parilla are barn finds, unfinished projects, or bikes passed down to people who literally ran them into the ground. Just about any contact with water over a period of time will render the bikes nearly useless. People on the hunt for a Parilla are advised to purchase the most complete bike they can find. If you have any comments, corrections, or extra information please contact the website. 


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