Cosmopolitan Motors

Parilla Advertisments

Cosmopolitan Motors produced a couple of outstanding Parilla advertisements, but the bulk of the ads were were used in magazines. The ads for Parillas from Cosmo started in late 1957 with a full model line-up that extended to about 1961. After the factory was shutting down in 1965, Cosmo started to cut down the number of Parilla models advertised to a select few with only the 250cc Wildcat being the last model shown for sale in magazines.  

  Cosmo mailed brochures 

Cosmo would mail these brochures to interested people in the beginning before they established their dealer network. This one is from 1957. Read the wildly over the top statements in their letter. 




  Cosmo magazine ads 

Magazine ads were Cosmo's main source of advertising appearing in all the cycle magazines almost every month with an endless variation of a few main themes. From 1957 to about 1961, the ads were nearly 100% Parilla, but later on, the Parillas had to share the spotlight with other brands Cosmo offered.














  Cosmo brochures 

Most Cosmo brochures were not strictly Parilla, but more of an advertisement for Cosmo as an all around, one stop motorcycle racing store. Many brochures featured Parillas and a host of various go-fast motor parts and accessories.






Foldout 1964


1962  3 page fold-out


1965  16 page

  Cosmo posters 

Cosmo offered several posters to their dealerships. They were mostly to advertise Parilla race wins. Three types have been found so far. One road race poster and two scrambler versions.  17.5" X 22.5" was the usual size.

  Cosmo postcards 

Cosmo printed several postcards for possible buyers. Two small cards and one giant foldable brochure/postcard from 1961.



  Cosmo order forms 

Here are some order forms from Cosmo to be used by one of their dealers. It contains dealer's retail, their price from Cosmo and their profit.





  Cosmo Dealers 

To see Cosmopolitan Motor's list of USA dealers click on to the dealer's page.


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