99-125cc  Slughi/Ramjet





The "Slughi" (desert Greyhound) was introduced at the 1957 Milan Show and production started in 1958. The design included a new wrap around body shell, which enclosed a pressed steel frame. The engine was a horizontal, two-stroke 125cc with a four-stroke 99 &125cc being offered. The Slughi was sold in the U.S. under the name Ramjet (or Ramjet Streamliner). The factory had high hopes for this model, but it did not meet sales expectations. Parilla stopped production in 1964 and Cosmo stopped selling the Ramjet the same year. 

1958 Slughi brochure



The company was so sure that the Slughi would be such a hit that they produced a 14 page Slughi-only brochure. The brochure states that one go shooting, camping, fishing, to work and spend the weekend on the "most versatile, most desirable of motor vehicles". To see other Slughi manuals, parts books and advertisements, go to our Slughi/Olimpia paperwork page.

Stats:  CC: 99  /  Output: 8HP @ 6700 RPM  Carburetion: Dell'Orto UA 16 BS  Gas Tank: 6 liters  Gas Mileage: 120 MPG  Weight: 167 lbs.  Max Speed: 65 MPH



Today's Slughi/Ramjet outlook: Finding a Ramjet is next to impossible. Only a handful in the USA still survive. Most are rusty, incomplete projects with a slim few restored or low mile originals. The Slughi is much more common in Europe. This model also used the same motor as the Olimpia, so there is a somewhat better chance to find engine parts. If sheetmetal parts are missing, then you are in a very tough search for parts.


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