Here are some old webpages and highlight from the first generation of Parilla-NA.com that does not fit in with the new website. A lot of this information has not been updated, but can be used as a reference.



 Parilla Days 1999 - Here is a summary of the 1999 Parilla event in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


P.J. Travels to Europe- Here's a recap of P.J. Johnson's trip to Europe in 2000.


2003 Parilla races in New Mexico, USA - Dave chrone takes P.J. Johnson's 250 Parilla on the track in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read the story about the April 2003 event by clicking here.


Jim Avery's Yamaha clutch conversion - Jim was working on a Yamaha clutch adaptation for the high-cam back in 2001. From what I understand, the Yamaha inner clutch hub was machined to fit the Parilla shaft spline. He installed it in 2002, but never got beyond that stage. You can check out what he did for ideas by clicking here.


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